Lisa Webb

August 15, 2014

What is your role at Optical Express?

“Hello I’m Lisa Webb, I’m an optometry development manager with Optical Express, and I’ve been working with the company for over 11 years now. As an optometry development manager I am practice-based, so I work in practice seeing patients about 80% of the time, and the rest of my role is involving training and mentoring and managing optoms within my region.”

How would you best describe our patient care?

“I would describe our patient care as the best in the world. We have access to world-leading optometrists, world-leading surgeons, in the field of refractive surgery.”

What is the best thing about working for Optical Express?

“The best thing about working for Optical Express is the diversity of my day. No two days are the same, with the variety of patients I see on a day to day basis, which leads to a challenging and interesting environment to work in.”

What personal opportunities do you see with Optical Express?

“In my 11 years with Optical Express, I’ve had a clear career path. I started off as an optometrist, and then moved onto be a pre-reg supervisor, then a laser optometrist, and now I’m an optometry development manager.”

What do you think about the equipment and technology Optical Express uses?

“In terms of equipment we know we use the best technology available in the world today. This allows Optical Express to give our patients the best clinical care and clinical outcomes in the refractive field today.”