Jill Campbell

August 15, 2014

What is your role at Optical Express?

“Hi I’m Jill Campbell I’m one of the senior optometry development managers within Optical Express. I look after a team of optometry development managers who in turn look after the optometrists, the contact lens fitters, and the dispensing opticians within the company.”

What personal opportunities do you see with Optical Express?

“For me the personal opportunities within Optical Express are really with my clinical development. I’m working with the world leaders in ophthalmology – Steve Schallhorn, and all the other IMAB members. That is really not rivalled in any other company I can possibly think of. Also developing my management experience – I don’t feel I would get that in any other company.”

What are the best things about working for Optical Express?

“I know my patients get the best care, I know I can recommend Optical Express to my family and friends, and there’s nothing better than doing a 1-day check for a patient after they’ve had surgery and just them being able to read that bottom line on the chart – just brings a smile to my face, and nothing can rival that.”