Dasi Raju

August 15, 2014

What is your role at Optical Express?

“Hello, my name is Dasi Raju. I’m an optometry development manager at Optical Express. I’ve been working at Optical Express for 8 years now. My role involves the clinical and professional development of optometrists in my region. Optometry is an ever-expanding profession and at Optical Express it includes intraocular lenses, laser vision correction, and presbyopic treatments. The training we receive is among the best anywhere in the world.”

How would you describe the equipment and technology Optical Express uses?

“Our equipment is unrivalled. We have cutting-edge technology that allows us to perform at the very highest level. We have well-resourced, fully-researched and failsafe back-up systems. In other words, we have the best of the best.”

How do you feel about the opportunities available at Optical Express?

“I love the unparalleled opportunities that we have for both clinical and professional development. As an optometrist you develop skills that you’ve never had before. In addition, you get to interact with very high profile people internationally, including some of the best brains in both optometry and ophthalmology, and I find that incredibly inspiring.”