Clair Orr

August 15, 2014

What is your role at Optical Express?

“My name is Clair Orr and I work as one of the registered optometrists with Optical Express. I’ve been with the company for just over three years now. I originally started off as an optical assistant on the shop floor, and then moved onto beginning my pre-registration year with the company and onto my current role as an optometrist now.”

How would you describe our patient care?

“At Optical Express we deliver a very high standard of patient care throughout all areas of the company and I would say that this is evident from the second the patient walks into one of our stores and is consistent throughout their full experience. Optical Express is a company which believes in being able to provide a full range of eye care solutions to the highest possible standard with the best possible customer care. It also continues to move forward with innovation, which allows it to lead the way in this profession.”

What personal opportunities do you see at Optical Express?

“In terms of furthering my career with Optical Express, there are always different opportunities and areas that you can move into. I currently work with the core side, which involves sight tests and contact lenses, but should I wish I could always move into laser vision correction and IOL surgery.”

What is the best thing about working for Optical Express?

“For me as an optometrist, the best thing about working at Optical Express has to be getting to work alongside world renowned ophthalmic surgeons and optometrists, who provide a fantastic support network. This allows us to provide the best possible patient care.”